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The New Standard
in Aviation Data Analysis

Use data to get a 360-degree view of your business

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Meet AeroNav all-in-one solution for efficient
navigation intelligence...

Let your data take your business to higher grounds

Discover the new, era changing AI supported applications to decrease your cost while increasing efficiency of your aviation business.

Navigation Intelligence

Cut your navigational costs dramatically by monitoring and comparing navigational charges like en-route, terminal etc.

Route Profibality

Optimize your profits for network costs with the support of advanced AI systems.

Short, Medium, Long Term Forecasts

Artificial intelligence supported and self-developing forecasts with the contribution of most comprehensive and rich industry data sets.

Fuel & Emissions Intelligence

Monitor, forecast and compare fuel & emissions consumption with 100% compliance to effective CORSIA regulations

Cargo Intelligence

Most comprehensive cargo intelligence tool optimized for airliners, freight forwarders and governments.

Unprecedented velocity, 
impeccable reliability.

We are here to help bring clarity to your business.

Complete business advisory, consulting and operational delivery services for stakeholders in the aviation industry.

A group of professionals with multiple years of experience in the aviation industry, cutting across operations, advisory and technology.

Air Carriers

Airport Operators

Infrastructure Providers

Regulatory Authorities


Other Stakeholders

Who we serve?

Professionals within the aviation industry

Leading Solution Partners

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Are you ready to accelerate your business?

Our promise to you
  • Immediate cost optimization 

  • Real time profit maximization

With a combination of unique and leading data sources in the aviation and logistics industry combined with advanced AI technologies, you are one step away from reliable and correct data-driven decisions. 

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