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Our Services

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Meet AeroNav all-in-one solution for efficient navigation intelligence

  • We are providing you AI assisted power to monitor and compare navigational charge, terminal charges whilst monitoring waiting times, and other efficiency metrics.

  • AERONAV allows stakeholders to stick to ICAOs Policies on Charges for Airports and Air Navigation Services (Doc 9082) -  fairness and equity in the determination and allocation of airport and air navigation services costs. This has  remained unchanged over the decades, even with all the amendments over the years.

    • Immediate cost optimisation 

    • Real time profit maximisation

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Cargo Intelligence

  •  Competitive Intelligence in carriage of similar commodity codes by other transport modes in the selected OD, monthly

  •  True Over Dimensional with Harmonised System commodity codes, value, carriage by air mode etc

  •  Cargo capacity availability, monthly by equipment type

  • Early indicator report of cargo capacity picking up, daily or weekly.

  • Air carrier market share report (integrating Form C, Form A and capacity data)

  • Cargo yields report monthly

  • Proprietary intelligence on optimal usage of cargo capacity

Fuel and Emissions Intelligence

  •  Fuel consumed and emissions by flight, date, equipment type, air carrier

  •  Fuel uplift (historical demand) report by Station/Airport

  •  Fuel Demand forecast report by Station/Airport

  •  Average estimated fuel prices report by Station/Airport

  •  Offset report where Fuel Burn exceeds the agreed target effective 2021

  •  Offset credit demand (current) and forecasted

Route Profibality

  • Cash and operating profits - for specific routes

  •  Simulation report – price change impacts on selected route; through other routes feeding from or to the selected route

Navigation Intelligence
Cargo Intelligence
Fuel & Emissions Intel
Route Profability

Navigation Intelligence

  • Comprehensive navigation charges and taxes – comprehensive analysis of one of the most critical revenue line items (for ANSP) and cost line items (for carriers). Includes fields like type, air carrier, state of carrier, airport pair, state of airport, equipment type, MTOW etc.

    • For the ANSP: Detailed analysis and reports, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable (invoice generation, past due date reminders, with email notifications etc.) 

    • For the carriers: Reports that can verify ANSP charges, Accounts Payable functions (invoicing errors, debit notes issue, adjustments against payment due, payment due date reminders etc).

  • Variance report between charges based on actual path and GCD.

  • What if report if the MTOW is reduced – net benefit for the air carrier

  • Comparison report - billed vs actuals

  • Benchmark report of variances in unit rate of navigation charges amongst FIR/FIR States

Fleet Planning

  • Integrating yields, unit costs, variable costs and demand forecasts to determine which fleet acquisition strategy will optimize cash flow

AI Assisted Short, Medium and Long Term Forecasts

  • Traffic and Capacity- passengers, seats, RPK, ASK, cargo tons, FTK, CATK

  • Airport pair

  • Licensed Personnel

  • Fleet (equipment type)

  • Cargo and passenger load factors

  • Movements by FIR (flights)

  • Fuel

Fleet Planning
AI Assisted Forecasts

We integrate with your ecosystem

  • Our applications are designed to easily integrate and connect with your systems – should that be your choice.

  • We can also generate and send you simple files with data, that can be pulled into your systems, without the need to be tightly integrated. 

  • We can also generate standard reports, as well as completely customised dashboards, documents and reports per your needs.

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